Departmental staff
Departmental Staff offers non paid expertise services to the ministry of health and NGOs involved with health care such as CDC, JCRC and NTRL. The staff members are also actively engaged in several developmental activities in their communities, Religions and former schools.

Departmenta labs
The Clinical Microbiology laboratory is used as a service laboratory by the Infectoius Diseases Institute (IDI), Mulago hospital, and other health professionals. The laboratory also carries out clinical diagnostics for the common infections at very subsidized rates.
The Molecular biology laboratory is used by the JCRC and TBRU to confirm MTC infections and to determine MTC strains and transmission in Kampala house-holds. So far, the lab has performed over 1500 molecular diagnostic tests and about 100 RFLPs for TB infections of the JCRC-TBRU.

The Molecular biology laboratory is an important center for student training. Undergraduates and postgraduate students from several university programs have done their short-term industrial training and thesis degree research projects in this laboratory. Ugandan students from other national Universities with a keen interest in immunology and molecular biology also train in this laboratory.

Molecular and immunological diagnostic services are offered at highly subsidized rates to Ugandan health professionals and researchers who wish to confirm infections in patients such as HIV/AIDS, TB, MRSA Staphylococcus ausreus, Treponema (Syphylis), Brucella using Molecular and immunological methods.

The deaprment provided space for the development of state of the art Immunology and BSL3 TB culture labs, which are run by the Wellcome Trust/UVRI and AERAS global TB vaccine initiative. These labs train Ugandans in cutting edge research procedures.