• Waiswa Muzauwuala, Bsc, MSc, Principle technician
  • Kaddu Sseviri Augustine, BBLT, Msc, Senior technologist
  • Baluku Hannington, Laboratory assistant
  • Robert Ebwong, Laboratory assistant
  • Livingstone S. Kibuuka, Principle technician
  • Paul Odong, Laboratory assistant
  • Margaret Birungi
  • Joyce Kaleese
  • Nansubuga Sarah
  • John Ochowun
  • Florence Mbabazi
  • Bettey Atuhaire
  • Prof George Kiirya Chairman Health Service Commission, Kampala Uganda.
  • Dr Thomas Aisu – Infectious Disease Epidemiologist East and Southern Africa WHO region.
  • Prof. Munube
  • Mr. Kerichan, Commissioner, Ministry of Health
  • Philip Ombaci
  • Dr. Abaru (deceased)- former head of department
  • Dr.Baingana (deceased)- former head of department
  • Fred Ashaba Katabazi (was the Manager of the Molecular Biology laboratory)
  • Mr. Okeng Alfred (He was a research assistant/Laboratory technologist in the Medical & Molecular Biology Laboratories)
  • Dr Kaddu-Mulidwa (deceased) Senior Lecturer, Makerere University Medical School.
Dr Moses Lutaakome Joloba, MbChB, MS, PhD, Senior Lecturer
Dr Moses Lutaakome Joloba

 Assoc. Prof.  Moses Joloba is the current head of department of Medical Microbiology, Makerere University College of Health Sciences. He is the current head of laboratories and also heads the appointments and promotions committee of the department. Assoc. Prof. Joloba completed his MBChB at Makerere University Medical School, Kampala, Uganda, in 1994, after which he won a Forgarty Scholarship for Master of Science in Microbiology and PhD in Molecular Microbiology at Case Western Reserve  University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, with Dr. Philip Rather. In 1997, he joined Makerere University College of Health sciences as a faculty member, and in 2003 he established the Molecular Biology laboratory in the Department of Medical Microbiology. This laboratory focused on TB research and in 2006, molecular detection of MTC infections as a routine was introduced for the first time in Ugandan research labs. Assoc. Prof. Joloba won grants from WHO/TDR, SIDA-SAREC, NIH and the European Union for TB research ranging from basic to applied and clinical. His research focus is bacterial quorum sensing, TBmolecular epidemiology and drug resistance. Assoc. Prof. Joloba is the current director of Supranational Reference Laboratory  Uganda. For more information about Assoc. Prof. Joloba’s Research activities,  please follow the Research link on the home page, or download his CV.

Contact Dr. Joloba: Tel: +256-414-541830; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr Christine Najjuka

Dr Christine Najjuka is a senior lecturer and the current Chair, Education Committee of the department of Medical Microbiology. She copmpleted her MbChB and Master of Medicine (Pathology) at Makerere University and also obtained an MS in Medical Microbiology at the University College London in 1994. Currently, Dr Najjuka is a registered doctoral student in the department of Medical Microbiology, under superviosion of Dr. Moses Joloba, Dr. Kaddu-Mulindwa and Dr. …. (SA). Her research interests are drug resistnce in enterobacteriace. Dr Najjuka has obatiend awards from  the Germany Academic exchange Service, (Deutcher Akademisher Austauschdienst, DAAD), Kulika Charitable Trust Scholarship, and Nominated to the Advanced WHO course on Immunology, Vaccinology & Biotechnology applied to infectious diseases, 1999. For more information about Dr Najjuka’s Research activities, please follow the Research link on the home page, or download his CV.

Contact Dr. Najjuka: Tel: +256-414-541830; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr Freddie Bwanga
Dr Freddie Bwanga

Dr Henry Kajumbula
   Head of quality assurance, College of Health Sciences